Training Services

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Brad St.Louis Training is a comprehensive, results based training center with all-inclusive programs to meet your fitness goals. All training programs include initial movement screen, body-fat testing, body measurements, nutrition education, and dietary analysis.

  • Small Group Training(2-4 people) - A semi-private setting that allows personalized attention while having a great atmosphere for pushing each other to reach goals and potential.
  • Personal Training - 1-on-1 training attention with an efficient workout designed around your needs and goals
  • Weight Loss/Fitness Training - Training designed to get you results that last. Tired of losing weight only to put it back on? Brad St.Louis Training designs the programs and gives you the tools to get maximum results.
  • Performance Training - For athletes of all sports looking to take their game to the next level. Brad uses his experience as a professional athlete to help guide you to reaching your full potential. Includes speed and agility training.
  • Youth Training - For kids who want to lay a great foundation for their athletic careers.