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I have a lifelong passion for health and fitness, and a love for sports. Not getting to meet my grandfather because of a heart attack (at age 52) before I was born and seeing many in my family struggle with obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other weight related issues lit something inside me that made me want to help. Combine this with a competitive sports upbringing. Starting with a wrestling career before I was even able to walk to having a 10 year career in the NFL. This lead me to a degree in Dietetics and Exercise Science while earning All-American honors playing football for Missouri State. While playing for the Bangals I got my first personal training certification in 2002 (NSCACPT). In the off-seasons I began working with Cincinnati premiere trainer Dr. Ted Lambrinides working with a wide variety of clients from soccer moms to training my soon to be competition while doing NFL combine prep for draft eligible college football players. Besides training under Ted I have been fortunate to train under and be mentored by some of the best strength coaches in the nation. Now that my playing career is over it's my turn to be a mentor to my clients and athletes.

Thanks to those who I have trained under and have helped along the way

  • Chip Morten
  • Ray Oliver
  • Rick Perry
  • Ted Lambrinides
  • Kim Wood
  • Ethan Banning
  • Midele Macedonio
  • Mark McDonald
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